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After the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, at the hands of cops, countless Americans took to the streets in BLM protests. They were repeatedly met with violence. Here, on the west coast, an officer in Los Angeles drove his cruiser into protestors, trapping some beneath the vehicle. In Buffalo, an unarmed, 75yr old protestor was callously shoved to the pavement, resulting in severe injuries. In Ft. Lauerdale, after declaring protestors “agitators” police fired rubber bullets and pepper spray into the crowd indiscriminately. …

The first gun I ever held in my life was a large .45 revolver. I was 9 or 10 years old when I discovered it after climbing onto the roof of our house when we still lived in Oakland on 79th & Hillside. Much to my mom’s chagrin, I frequently sat on our roof when I was a child. I did that a lot while thinking. A lot of difficult events brought me to my favorite spot on the roof. …

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12-year-old Tamir Rice, and 14-year-old Emmet Till, are Black boys who were murdered decades apart from one another, yet their deaths share a disturbing number of commonalities. The White men who committed these murders, or those justifying their violent crimes, claimed neither Tamir nor Emmitt were boys.

It is reported that one of the men, responsible for torturing and killing Emmitt, in the early hours of August 28th, 1955, claimed he was no child, but instead “He looked like a man” (1) Emmitt’s last moments of life was those of terror, desperation, and pain, as these men tortured him to…

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“How did we get here?”

This is a question I repeatedly hear and read these days.

It began after Trump’s election but has echoed on ever since. The question was repeated after the Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally. It is asked each time we witness cops around this nation brutalize or murder Black women, men, and children. It is a chorus as Latine children are locked away in inhumane conditions.

“How did we get here?”

It never ceases now. Always puzzled, astonished, and horrified. This is a question raised from countless Americans who can no longer recognize their compatriots or…

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There is a false narrative that cultural assimilation promises safety and acceptance in the U.S. One of the main driving points behind this misleading argument is that the continued racial disparities and conflicts in this country are at least partly driven by groups of people refusing to become “fully American”.

Whiteness is a cornerstone to cultural assimilation in the U.S. It is otherwise incredibly disingenuous to pretend this is not. For instance, the Irish, Italians, Polish, and other European immigrants were initially not White when first arriving to the shores of this country. They faced hate, discrimination, and violence. …

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It is time that many of you accept some difficult truths.

Unfortunately, if you have any friends, family, or loved ones who still openly denies the existence of systemic racism, who pretends ANTIFA is a pale horse, and BLM is death riding upon it, then you must understand this is not from a lack of information. This is not from misunderstanding or even an inability to understand. This is because they wholeheartedly do not care.

These are lies they want to believe. This is a narrative they choose to believe. No amount of truth, compassion or discussion will persuade them…

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When we talk about the loss of one’s religion, we often expect to hear of a single dramatic shift that sounded the death knell of faith. For me, however, that was not the case. The loss of my religion was a gradual erosion or a death by degrees, something that happened so slowly that I can point to no single event that was solely responsible. One day my faith was simply gone.

Yet, while I am unable to pinpoint specific incidents that ended my religiosity, I can easily recall some of my earliest doubts, and the inner turmoil those feelings…

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Melpomene was 15 when her parents, with the encouragement of the pastor, forced her to stand in front of the large congregation and “confess her sins”. She was coerced into admitting she had premarital sex that resulted in her pregnancy. The congregation openly shamed her afterwards. There is so much wrong with this situation. Ostracizing a child, shaming their sexuality, declaring pregnancy a punishment, and condoning ritualistic emotional abuse. However, the most egregious part is that a man, more than 10 years Melpomene’s senior, was responsible for her pregnancy. He received little to no blame. …

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My ancestors were stolen from their lands, forced to endure a transatlantic nightmare of imprisonment, disease, violence, rape, and despair, where at journey’s end they were forced into chattel slavery by sadists. Still, with everything they ever known and loved cruelly taken away, these enslaved people hoped and fought because they believed, if tomorrow could not bring better for them, then at least it could deliver hope for their children.

With only the barest promise of freedom, these same ancestors, dared to risk everything. …

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As predictable as the sunrise, every time sexual assault or abuse against girls and women, become a national topic, inevitably leading to discussions on social media, there is always groups of dudes who come brazenly traipsing into the comments section or onto someone’s page to indignantly announce, “Oh yeah! Well, men are raped too!”

First, this is completely true. 10% of sexual assault victims are male. RAINN, estimates 2.78 million men and boys since 1996(1). 1in6 reports an estimated 1 in 6 men have experienced a sexual abuse or an attempted sexual assault(2).

These numbers may sound unbelievable to many…

Walter Mwasi Williams III

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