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It is time that many of you accept some difficult truths.

Unfortunately, if you have any friends, family, or loved ones who still openly denies the existence of systemic racism, who pretends ANTIFA is a pale horse, and BLM is death riding upon it, then you must understand this is not from a lack of information. This is not from misunderstanding or even an inability to understand. This is because they wholeheartedly do not care.

These are lies they want to believe. This is a narrative they choose to believe. No amount of truth, compassion or discussion will persuade them from this story where protesters are mostly a bunch of violent, Black animals threatening the gentle, Antebellum like peace of the Whiteness.

No. This is not ignorance.

Ignorance implies a lack of knowledge or information. We live in an age where a wealth of evidence is readily available about systemic racism. We live in an age where one can easily read about racists policing. But they do not because they genuinely do not care.

The MAGA/BlueLivesMatters/White Evangelicals types do not care if over 90% of BLM protests have been peaceful. In fact, they will outright ignore repeated incidents of Boogaloo Boys, White Supremacists, and literal Nazis instigating violence at peaceful protests, while instead claiming these individuals are “Innocent, Fed up, White Christians trying to defend themselves” (1) (2) (3) (4)

No. It does not matter how many times cops are filmed fragrantly breaking the law. They will ignore any and all instances of police caught swiftly launching violent, unprovoked, unconstitutional attacks against peaceful protesters (5) (6) (7) (8) (9).

They. Do. Not. Care.

Instead, they will deflect and derail. They will demand to know why BLM has not sent any Black kids to college. They will ignore the vast collective of brilliant Black minds who have written about the Black experience in the U.S, these protests, incarceration, systemic racism, and instead post only Candace Owens videos. They will plug their ears and begin screaming “BLACK ON BLACK! BLACK ON BLACK!”. They will spread false rumors that marauding BLM and ANTIFA gangs are setting fires to both Oregon and California, because… reasons? (10)

The MAGA types do this because they want to believe all the lies. No amount of conversation, reasoning, patience, or compassion will change this. It fits their narrative about Black and Brown Americans. These false narratives justify their world view where the country is being ruined for Whites by savage Black and Brown hordes. It is this very same reason why so many of them play ignorant concerning the nature of Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys, Confederate Flag humpers, and other Far Right nutjobs arriving at peaceful protests with guns. The Evangelicals and MAGAs knows these people are White Nationalists but still defend them as “heroes”.

Stop engaging with these types. They do understand. They can look the information up. They can genuinely engage by asking meaningful questions. But they do not and will not because they simply do not care. They mean every word they say. When these people callously quip “AllLivesMatter” they mean the “All” just like when Slaveowners wrote “All” in “All men are created equal”, without a hint of irony.












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