Was It Worth It?

Walter Mwasi Williams III
3 min readMar 15, 2023

Was it all worth it?

Without condescension, a clever punchline, cynical joke, our much-touted schadenfreude, I am genuinely asking, was MAGA worth it?

Of course, true believers and supporters of MAGA would immediately say ‘yes’. While I cannot speak for the rest of the world, I can say here in the U.S there is this terrible tendency of doubling down on a wrong answer or mistake, as opposed to simply admitting it was the wrong choice. Thus, I write this, fully aware that perhaps no amount of evidence, discussion, or compassion will change their minds. But even the very small percentage of maybe persuading a single person, makes this still worth writing.

So, beyond ego, pride, and politics, even if you are being honest only with yourself, was MAGA worth all this? The loss of friends, schism of families, estrangement from children, and grandchildren. The hundreds of thousands who needlessly died alone, and miserable In Covid-19 wards, because microbiology was thoughtlessly turned into politics and fundraising opportunities.

Was MAGA worth a violent insurrection at the nation’s heart? An event that left many injured, several dead, and hundreds entangled in the legal system on federal charges. All for Donald Trump, a man who not only shamelessly fundraised millions off the tragic capitol riots, but then exonerated only Steve Bannon, another…